I would like to humbly request some advice. I'm unemployed again, and looking at the job ads I can't see anything I'm really qualified to do (I have degrees in Biology and Entomology from a global top ten University, but limited organizational skills and no aptitude for maths or social interaction), and every time I… » 1/31/15 7:29pm 1/31/15 7:29pm

Killing animals and setting fires are two of the three corners of the psychopathic triad (number three is wetting the bed, by the way, but I doubt we'll be hearing if Jr. ever did anything along those lines). I bet this man has taken some deeply nasty actions in the past, for no better reason than that the… » 1/07/15 4:48am 1/07/15 4:48am

Yes, right up until the first highly publicized crash, whereupon public opinion will sour and carriers will have to return to multiple pilot flights (regardless of the actual cause of the disaster). Labor savings are no good if people won't actually get in your planes. » 12/15/14 11:52am 12/15/14 11:52am